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On the top we are a car own. And if we are living in Dubai we know the worth of our vehicle. We should always give it a maintenance service as well. But on the road of Dubai God knows who will face bad time. Let suppose in the morning you are going to your office and feel your vehicle is now getting fail due to any reason. Thus on the road you will be helpless if you do not call a car recovery help. Here I want to offer you best car recovery services in Dubai.

Get the Low Cost Car Recovery and Towing | دبي ريكفري

Have you ever notice the price of car recover service providers. Not yet?. We at Malik Car towing and recovery services offers you low cost and high performance services. Thus you can rely on us in the event of emergency car breakdown.

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Our Services

At Malik we take calls from customer and quickly response to their emergency. Thus we reach to the customers location in 30 mins maximum. Once we reach we take our truck to the park and then bring our equipment like heavy wire to knot with the customers car. Then A motor of heavy load is attached with our trucks to bring the car over truck. Once the vehicle/Car is uploaded. We Start our recovery truck and take our customer and His/her vehicle to their destination to drop of and take our charges finally.

In the event of any accident of your car/vehicle you need a quick assistance from the recovery team. We are always on the roads of UAE to provide you quick assistance.

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