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Today at Car recovery Abu dhabi we do a lot of JOBs. Let me share you my JOBs of today from morning to now. At first I started my day with Battery Jump start for a client in Abu Dhabi cornich area. The client parked his car in a fleet parking area. Moreover he went for an outing in sea shore with his wife. After the noon time he found his car is not starting and checked his car battery light. He see his car battery is down. Some how he manage to open the internet from his mobile and searched us for a help full call.

Car battery jump start in abu dhabi is our main services

At car recovery abu dhabi team we received the call and give him a half hour time to reach to his given location. Certainly our team met him abu dhabi cornich place and found his car battery is out of electric water. We then took our filling bottle and gave a refill to his car battery. We gave his car battery a boost from battery booster.

The car was perfect then. He was happy to get assistance from us. Paid 150 AED to our team.

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