Car towing in zayed sports city

Car towing in Zayed Sports City

Today our customer called us from zayed sports city. The customer was in tension due to his vehicle tire flat. Waiting for going to JOB. We were at our services. A new customer called us for a quick response team to deliver his vehicle a car towing in zayed sports city. He called for his car tow and need us to reach in 15 to 20 mins.

Our response team reacted in minutes and started to reach to the service spot in 15 mins. The driver asked customer to send his exact location through GPS. We reached and started towing his vehicle which is sports car (BMW). The time we reached customer looks very happy to get his car tow. We took his vehicle and started from zayed sports city to his mechanic near his home in Al Bateen.

The time we reached to his mechanic we delivered his vehicle safely and customer paid us an amount of 210 AED.

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Transport Your Vehicle Safely and Efficiently

Our operators treat every vehicle recovery as if it were their very own. They carefully tow your vehicle no matter what its age, make, or condition to ensure that no further damage occurs during transport. With our internal training program as well as outside certifications we take the very best care of your vehicle. Vehicles are not the only types of items we transport. Though, as we also transport equipment, materials, and most other things you can think of give us a call and we will arrive at your given place.

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